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The Luxury Academy

We are offering innovative programs to the staff of the most prestigious hotels and of the most luxurious brands, as well as to anyone wishing to work in high-end hospitality or retail, thanks to our flagship concept: The Luxury Academy on Site. The trainees will also have free access to an inspiring and supportive community encouraging sharing and reflection.

Training for the Luxury Market

We are experts in the luxury market and can help your team go from great to unforgettable.

The Luxury Academy

Working in the luxury industry requires specific knowledge and soft skills that are difficult for employers to find on a global level. “You Make Luxury Come True” offers a comprehensive and innovative environment that allows learners to acquire these skills and obtain the certification of The Luxury Academy, whether it is a company looking to train their staff or professionals aspiring to work in this sector.

Training in service excellence
Chosen by the leading luxury brands